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Official Petagno Products

Joe Petagno is a legend in the realms of Metal Art. For over 4 decades
he has unassumingly created some of the most memorable images in
the genre from Vintage Led Zeppelin,Nazareth and Motörhead
to hordes of Thrash, Death and Black Metal bands such as Krisiun,
Vadar, Marduk, Sigh and Sodom to name a few. It’s been said his Art
never fails to smash the retina like a broadsword to the skull. His work
has crept into the very sinews of contemporary counter- culture media.

In the Shop  you’ll find some of  his designs
printed on T- shirts, Posters, Playing Cards and more.

You'll also find hand signed Giclee prints, memorabilia, some rare Petagno
collectables and the occasional piece of original Art for sale.

Please note: To place an order outside of Europe please send an email to Susan at Whiteline 
for details :  rt_far_t@hotmail.com   Re: Foreign order

Please note: All the work featured in this shop is copyright and may not be used in any form without written consent.